The Calista Energy Management Assistance Initiative (CEMAI) is a growing partnership led by the Calista Corporation focused on saving energy and money for shareholders, businesses, and residents of the Calista region.

Supported by a three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Indian Energy (DOE-IE) that began in late 2016, the CEMAI program is working with all stakeholders to provide technical assistance and energy education to develop local capacity through workshops, trainings, and hiring local people.

Small remote communities, no road connections, and diesel dependence results in extremely high energy costs and prices for imported goods, which create economic development and quality of life challenges. CEMAI has formed to address these challenges and bring clean energy solutions to the Calista region.

Through innovative data collection applications on smartphones and tablets, we are identifying whole-village energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities across the region. Once these opportunities are better understood, quantified, and fully supported by the community, we will help to bring financing and expertise to turn the proposed projects into reality.