Project Activities

The CEMAI program has three distinct but related tracks to direct our efforts.

Training & Capacity Building

Through regional and community workshops, our technical team provides skills, information, and contacts to help communities and individuals learn about energy to better define their challenges and opportunities. We also provide job opportunities to convert training into action and promote economic development in the region.

Data Collection & Analysis

Using conventional tools such as energy audits and inventories, along with newly created digital app’s and database aggregation, CEMAI is collecting energy-based information through local hires and trainees to better define project and investment opportunities. Our technical team provides data analysis and support for local stakeholders to create “readiness scorecards” to inform realistic and financially sound community energy plans, development roadmaps, and timelines.

Project Execution

This third track is based on the successful completion of the above activities. Following the community-developed energy plan and roadmap, the process aims to bring financing, expertise, and proper business practices to efforts that begin with no/low cost energy efficiency initiatives for homeowners and commercial buildings, moves to utility management and financial planning, and eventually leads to renewable energy development.