Project Goals

The goal of this program is to reduce energy costs and improve reliability through improved operational effectiveness throughout the Calista region.

To achieve this goal, the following program objectives have been established:

  • Identify common operational needs and improvement opportunities
  • Provide access to multi-level expertise to address existing challenges
  • Develop specialized training programs to build local capacity
  • Nurture the creation of regional support networks
  • Increase access to regional, state and federal energy initiatives
  • Improve technical skills, wages and job opportunities

To accomplish these objectives, we will implement the following activities over three years:

Measure and benchmark energy performance outcomes, costs, and infrastructure inventory across communities via targeted data collection and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);

  1. Assist with rate-setting and financial planning;
  2. Nurture existing capacity within communities via specialized training workshops and operation and maintenance standardization;
  3. Provide access to experts across the region, state, and nationally;
  4. Facilitate intra-regional communication, education, and outreach; and
  5. Aggregate needs and opportunities.